the smallest Magnetic Pulser

The Parapulser® is the most modern, powerful and compact Beck magnetic pulser ever built. Thanks to its enormous frequency spectrum, frequency-modulated induction treatment is possible with this device for the first time. The high induction power enables results even where previously pulses had no effect.

miniZAP® – the smallest Blood Electrifier

The miniZAP®  is the world’s smallest and most modern blood electrifier after Dr. R. C. Beck – for the wrist. At the same time it is particularly user-friendly, comfortable and powerful. A zapper energizes the body using weak alternating currents and strengthens its performance and regenerative ability on the bioelectric level.


As a graduate engineer for electrical engineering with a focus on control and regulation technology, I have been developing alternative medical devices such as the Parapulser® or the miniZAP® since 2001.


In doing so, only the best is good enough for me – this applies not only to the quality, functionality and longevity of my products, but above all to my customer service. No matter what it is: I always stand by my customers quickly and unbureaucratically.


Each Parapulser® and miniZAP® device is personally assembled, programmed, subjected to a lengthy functional test, and packed into the device case with the accessories.


My motto in life: “No star is too far to reach for it”.